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GS Restoration Services

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GS Restoration

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General Information

1. BUSINESS NAME: GS Restoration Services

2. CONTACT PERSON: Spencer Powers

3. BUSINESS TYPE:        Sole Proprietor               

  PO Box 501 (9058 Oakland Rd.,) Port Byron, New York 13140; Office phone: 1-800-399-0577; Fax:315-776-8749



5. YEARS IN BUSINESS under current ownership (as of 2005): 54, Years in business under present name:   14


6. FULL TIME EMPLOYEES (Average No.): 4


7. PART TIME EMPLOYEES (Average No.): 0


8. WORK RANGE: All of New York State, Northern half of Pennsylvania, New York City and Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Ohio – Will look at any location with right type of job – Interested in southern and western work during winter months.


9. List any TRADE ORGANIZATIONS to Which You Now Belong: National Roofing Contractors Association (I’m letting membership expire due to the fact they do not help slate roofers - at all. They are mostly flat roofers). Roof Consultants Institute, Preservation Trades Network


10. CRIMINAL HISTORY: Has the above named business, including principals, partners, officers, owner, or any employee, been convicted of any business related crimes in the past 15 years?   No

11. LICENSE REVOCATION: Have you ever had a business license revoked?  No


12. LIABILITY INSURANCE Company: Midstate Mutual Insurance Company

13.  WORKERS COMP. INSURANCE: New York State Insurance Fund. (NYSIF)

Experience Level


14. I have been actively involved in the slate roof contracting business for the past five continuous years. Yes     *All my life – born and raised on it!  Was going on slate roof jobs as soon as I could walk…

15. I, or my employees, have worked on, repaired, installed and/or restored slate roofs for at least the past five continuous years:   Yes        

16. At least 75% of the number of annual roofing contracts I fulfill each year are slate roofing contracts: Yes  

17. If your annual percentage of slate roofing contracts is less than 75% of your total roofing, what percentage of your roofing contracts do you estimate to be slate roofing contracts? We also want consulting work…

18. What estimated percentages of contracts in the following roofing categories do you engage in annually? 25%

19. asphalt shingles            %

single ply                       5%              

built-up roofing                 %

cedar shakes            5%

20. ceramic tile                 5%

cement shingles              %

imitation slate                  %

metal                       10%

21. Other (explain): None

22. What percentage of your business contracting does not including roofing at all? None

23. What other types of contracting services do you provide other than roofing (e.g. carpentry, siding, heating)? We perform a lot of metal work with our slate since we do restorations. So slate is 75% just metal is10%, but 75% of slate contracts involve metal.

24. Do you subcontract slate roofing work to other contractors? No    Never, Never, Never…

25. How are your roofing professionals trained?  In house - throughout the 54 years we’ve got it down – real well.  Also you start out as an apprentice for 2-3 years.  (Depends on your ability to learn) Then in to experienced slater to foreman.

26. Do you do FLAT-LOCK (SOLDERED) COPPER roofing?   Yes      

27. Do you do STANDING SEAM metal roofing?  Yes   - Some whole roofs but, mostly ice slides (belts)

28. Do you repair ASBESTOS SHINGLE roofs?    Yes    - Very little  -  not much in CNY

29. Do you install RAIN SPOUTING on slate roofs?   Yes    - 90% of the time copper – 10% galvanized

30. Do you do MASONRY WORK in association with slate roofs (such as chimney rebuilding)?  No  

31. Do you do ARCHITECTURAL SHEET METAL work (such as ornamental copper)?   Yes       

32. Do you do STEEPLE WORK?   Yes    -That was my father’s main business for the first 20 years.

33. How do you access steep slate roof areas when doing repairs?  We use ridge ladders, roof brackets, (the slater’s style), we’ve also got the ridge hook that mounts to wood or alum. ladder rungs and we also in difficult access situations use a 5/8”  rope secured @ ridge with aspen saddle.

34. What is your preferred method(s) for installing a replacement slate when doing a repair in the field of the roof?  We use a Slate ripper in order to get the whole old piece of slate out, than we install a slate hook and install the slate. We never   nail down through slate and use a metal bib.

35. Do you sell salvaged roofing slates?  Yes                                  If yes, do you ship them?  No  

36. Do you keep a stockpile of salvaged slates?   Yes                    If yes, approx. how many squares? 30-40

37. Do you sell new roofing slate?      No                                           

38. Do you do slate roof installations as well as repairs?           Yes       

39. What is the maximum size, in squares, of a new slate roof installation your company will do? 80-100

40. Do your roofing professionals have certified professional training? If yes, explain (include the names of the individuals): Yes Christopher Hobby - 10hr. OSHA training

Christopher Hobby – Man-lift and forklift training in safety and operation

Richard Warner -  10hr. OSHA training

Richard Warner – Man-lift and forklift training in safety and operation

41. Name(s) of your slating professionals

Years of Experience


Name(s) of your slating professionals

Years of Experience


Christopher M. Hobby


 Spencer Powers


Tysen Matheson




Richard Warner




Matthew Rigby




42. SRCA MEMBER SINCE: 03/14/05