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Conference, June 8-10, 2007


(see also 2007 conference article at Traditional Roofing )

Members who attended this conference included: Perlino Slate Roof Repair, Slateworks Roofing, Durable Slate Company, Stevens Roofing Corp., Dax Billcheck Roofing Contractors, Mahan Slate Roofing, Heritage Roofing Inc., Mountain State Slate Roofing, Smith Slate Roof Restoration, Slate Affair Inc., Milligan Construction, Paulin Slate and Copper, Bill Davis Roofing LLC, Joseph Jenkins, Inc.

New members who joined at the conference included Martin Bungartz (supporting), Sam McMillen (supporting), Professional Home Inspecting Institute (supporting).

For more photos of the conference, look at the photo album.

FRIDAY, June 8th:

2 pm: Flat Lock Soldered Copper Roofing - Barry Smith, Smith Slate Roof Restoration, Union City, PA.

flat-lock copper roofing workshopflat-lock copper roofing workshop

Barry Smith, workshop presenter (left) and David Harvey (above).


3 pm: Slate Siding - Liam Tower, Slate Affair, Inc., Enosburg Falls, VT.

slate sidingslate siding

Umberto Perlino (left) and Liam Tower, workshop presenter (above). The slates were donated by Yankee Steeplejack Company.


4 pm. Rounded Slate Valleys - Brent Ulisky, Joseph Jenkins, Inc., Grove City, PA.

slate valleyslate valley

Brent Ulisky, workshop presenter (far left and right), and Tom Thomas.

SATURDAY, June 9th:

(Friday's workshops will continue through Saturday)

9 am: Soldering - Tools and Techniques - Chris Paulin - Paulin Slate and Copper, Akron, Ohio.

11 am: Box Gutter Expansion Joints - Rich Stainbrook, Heritage Roofing , Shady Grove, PA.

box gutter expansion jointbox gutter expansion joint

Rich Stainbrook, box gutter expansion joint workshop presenter (left) and Chris Paulin, soldering workshop presenter (right).

12 Noon: Snow Rail, Mullane 500 Brass 3 Pipe System - An Introduction - James Warden, Milligan Construction, Providence, RI. The snow retention materials have all been donated by Berger Brothers.

snow railsnow rail

James Warden (in hat), workshop presenter, and his crew from Rhode Island, Dion Clinton (in red shirt) and Andy Flor.


FRIDAY, June 8th:

5-6 pm: Show and Tell: [Meeting Room] Bring your tools, print materials, reference books, newspaper articles, or what have you that others may be interested in and let's have a look at them.

SATURDAY, June 9th:

9 - 9:45 am: Chris Paulin - Soldering [Meeting Room, as above]: This is the introduction to Chris's workshop.

10 - 10:45 am: Copper Clad Stainless Steel - [Meeting Room] A new flashing material presented by the manufacturer, Heyco Metals.

11:00 - 11:45 am: Home Inspectors - [Meeting Room] A discussion with slate roofers conducted by Mike Lennon, a professional home inspector.


Mike Lennon speaking about home inspectors.


1-3 pm: Lunch break - catered food. Swimming at lake.


4 - 4:45 pm: Common Slate Roof Installation Mistakes - Powerpoint - [Meeting Room] Joe Jenkins, Joseph Jenkins, Inc. Joe has been a slate roof consultant since 1998 and has seen a lot of mistakes on new slate roof installations. He has the photos to prove it.

6 - 6:45 pm: Thomas Massie New Slate Roof Installation - Thomas has made a name for himself on the message board by showing us the new slate roof he is installing on his house in Kentucky. Pretty damn nice for an amateur.

7 - 8 pm: Break - light up the grill, get cleaned up, have a beer

8 - 12 midnight: Live Music with the Slab Town Boys and Cook Out - Social Time


SUNDAY, June 10th:

10:30 am - 1pm: Members Meeting [Meeting Room]




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